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Training for Professionals

At the Attachment and Trauma Center of Nebraska, we view attunement, relationship, and trauma resolution as the keys to healing traumatized children exhibiting severe behaviors. The professional training for the Integrative Team Treatment model provides clinicians with a practical protocol for helping affected children and their families develop a more secure attachment and heal the child through a collaborative family therapy and EMDR approach.  Clinicians will also be prepared to teach a five-week class (Integrative Parenting) for parents.


We are committed to providing quality training for clinicians interested in the “family therapy/EMDR trauma treatment” integrated model for treating children suffering from the effects of attachment trauma. We believe that observation of the therapy is vital for clinicians wishing to implement the approach. To that effect, we now have a secure website available for practitioners involved in monthly group phone consultation who wish to view videos of therapy taking place here at The Attachment and Trauma Center of Nebraska.