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ATCN offers classes designed to help individuals overcome emotional issues (DBT) as well as assist parents with attachment issues in adoptive children (Integrative Parenting). We also offer specialized team treatment for attachment and trauma in children and workshops for professionals who wish to learn the model.  Click HERE for more information.

DBT Class (Dialectal Behavioral Therapy)

ATCN offers Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) following a model developed by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. at the University of Seattle in Seattle, WA.

DBT is a comprehensive, cognitive-behavioral treatment for individuals who experience difficulty managing their emotions, who sometimes participate in self-destructive behaviors, and often live in chaotic/unstable relationships. DBT has been found useful with a wide range of problems including substance abuse, binge eating, depression, and anxiety. The dialectical approach helps individuals replace rigid, black and white thinking with a more balanced approach to their problems. ATCN offers both teen and adult DBT programs.

Individuals involved in our DBT program attend a weekly class for at least one year which teaches specific skills to help manage emotions, tolerate distress, and establish/maintain relationships. In addition, a therapist trained in the DBT approach will meet with each participant one time weekly one-on-one to help coach individuals in applying the skills to their specific problems and situations. DBT involves a team approach as the DBT therapists meet weekly to consult with one another on the status of class participation, therapy goals, etc.

Research comparing DBT with treatment-as-usual control group found DBT participants significantly less likely to self-harm, drop out, or enter the hospital during the treatment process.

 Integrative Parenting Class

The Integrative Parenting class is an important part of our Integrative Team Model but is open to any parents in adoptive, foster, or guardianship situations.

EMDR and Family Therapy Integrative Model: Treatment for Attachment Trauma in Children

EMDR and Family Therapy Integrative Model: Treatment for Attachment Trauma in Children is a research-based program for children with a history of attachment disruptions and/or trauma who are exhibiting severe behaviors. The child and parent(s) attend twice weekly therapy, once with a family therapist and once with a trauma therapist for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). The parent(s) are also required to attend a 5-week class (Integrative Parenting) to learn strategies for helping their child in the home. Parents complete a packet of assessments prior to beginning therapy, and periodically throughout the therapy. As scores improve, the frequency of the child’s visits are reduced. Three months after discharge, parents are asked to complete a follow-up assessment packet to make sure gains have been maintained.


Need more information? We’ve put together a list of useful resources that provide additional information about some of the more common disorders we treat. We also work closely with various agencies and organizations throughout Omaha and the region to ensure our clients have access to the support and care they need. Their sites provide useful information on a variety of topics.